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thank you so much for the update!!
it sounds great!
~ Oh Yosuke changed bands?
I miss his old band! They were all so amazing, I had my first interactive Japanese band experience, with spiral spiders ^____^. When he pulled me upstage to dance with him it was an awesome feeling~.

I wish I could know more about him, but I am just starting taking Japanese lessons this August!!~
Does any one know what happed to the rest of his bands members~ I especially miss his keyboardist!! She was so sweet and kind!!
Trust me, SPASPA is the BEST Japanese band experience ;3.

It's great you're taking Japanese! All of SPASPA are very much primarily Japanese speakers :'D, so it'll definitely be helpful for you if you go to see them in Japan in the future.

Yes! Before SPASPA, she had formed a band with her sister Marhy (pronounced "ma-ri"), but paused most activity while in SPASPA. Now they're active again (though don't have lives prepared) and recently formed an "american swing" cover album. It's only sold in Japan, though. Hopefully it'll show up on some auction sites in time :). She was on "Second Life" a lot before. Right now she's volunteering at an animal shelter.

This is her blog: http://sorasora.livedoor.biz/

As for Page, he was in a band called NICO☆ROCK during SPASPA, and so he's seeing the singer Nico a lot. Maeny was also part of the band but he also stopped working with them. Yamada Chuugaku, the bassist, broke off but has since worked on staff for 'em.

This is Nico's website: http://www.nico69.com/
Nico's blog (she often talks about Page): http://nicorock.blog5.fc2.com/

Maeny, I'm sure, is taking care of his family, which is why he left SPASPA and NICO☆ROCK in the first place.

Taka6 I'm not sure of ;-;. I'd like to hear from him soon.

4401 has been doing some events with another band(?). He's on a Japanese social-networking site called "mixi" and has talked about some recent activity.
Thank You for all the great info ~ I will take my sweet time Looking at all of it XD