Sefikichi (sefikichi) wrote in sakkan,

Greetings, everyone!

This is Sefie, formerly known as vinyacarkaiel. I bring you my most heartfelt apologies for neglecting this community. Please forgive me. To my defense, I'll say that in the beginning of summer 05, there was an incident that kept me hospitalized all summer. After that, it has been very, very slow recovering. Earlier this spring a good friend of mine passed away suddenly, which again got me immobile for a while.

However, a comment left on my DA account got me curious of how this community fares now, and I've sadly discovered that it is quite dead. My humble apologies, everyone.

So, as of now, I declare sakkan revival! I'll start working on translating info from the new Spiral Spiders site as well as some other things.

Yoroshiku na!
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