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Spiral Spiders Website Updates

Hello all, there are a lot of new updates on the Spiral Spiders website. ^^ First of all, there are new entries to Sakkan's blog (Yosk's Voice) with silly pictures as usual.

Apparently, Sakkan and 4401/Sora have delved into the world of fashion. (XD) They have their own "brand" now, called Baby Spiders, and it is designed by Sakkan himself. They had some sort of presentation/sales event yesterday, and 60 people were able to get in. I have no idea what this is about, really... XD

Also, the staff's journal has been updated. ^^

And they're all worked up for Christmas too already!! Spiral Spiders will hold a free live in Yoyogi on Christmas Eve. ^^

If you haven't checked out Supasupa-kun's Travels-blog, please do so immediately. XD

(I'll really try to translate something later... >_<)
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