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Next KFJ broadcast is on Tuesday, if you didn't catch this past friday's announcement.

This is from Sora's blog, "Soranikki" at her website sorasora.com. I thought you might be interested in the bolded parts :]. I must tell you though that I'm still very much a beginner at Japanese!

FYI: Sora, a dog owner, volunteers at dog shelters. She's also involved in some "wanko" merchandise ("wanko" is like a cute name for a puppy or dog). The only brand I'm familiar with is Daisuke Asakura's, which is ironic as he produced Yosuke.


Today marks ten years since I debuted!

The same as Ayumi Hamasaki and Shiina Ringo >_<.
It's quiet XD.

Those two released an album in celebration of their tenth anniversary. I, too, will release an album for my tenth anniversary!

I'm still thinking about what it'll be like. I have to start recording around fall.
So... I must start writing songs----!!!!

Yes... I will try my best.

I was thinking about being a member of SPIRAL SPIDERS. I always supported them. And, as "SPIRAL SPIDERS member SORA," I seemed really, really important!

When SPASPA stopped activity, we stopped all kinds of things, and I thought, "I want to work on myself again!" (bad translation, sorry!)

Of course!
If SPASPA suddenly went, "SPASPA is getting back together! GO!" Of course, of course, I would use all my feeling and talent (haha). I'm trying to prepare myself whenever I can, if SPASPA ever got back together XD.

So, until then, I'm not going to "shine" yet.

There's lots of things I want to do,
and this year I'm creating Wanko brand goods! (right now I'm starting handmaking stuff... >_<)
I'm just in the middle of preparation.

Until now, I have been always rejected for fund-raising and contributing >_<. "No wayyy, what a hypocrit," I'd think (of the people that rejected me).
Sorry to be blunt!

But, lately I'm thinking, "I did it!" more than "I won't do it."
If I can get my life under control, by all means I want to have meaning to what I do.

My main priority is dogs right now, but I want to help save the earth, save children... anything. When I think these things, I think about having meaning to my life.
So I'm thinking, while I make these little contributions, I want to make my OWN brand!

And... and... I have another dream for dogs...
I think this should also begin in the fall!

Ah! Of course, I'm not just about my love for dogs~~~ XD.

Now for my main thing, music, in the virtual reality world Second Life, I'm performing international concerts!
Speaking English, exchanging conversation in English, and English songs.
It's in a virtual reality world, but the listeners actually live all over the world!
Even though I can't go to New York, France, or Germany in real life, on Second Life, people who live in New York, France, and Germany can listen to me!!!
With Second Life, I can meet people from all around the world, and present my music and voice to them!

I can't imagine what's going to happen and I'm very excited, but it's an imaginary world, so perhaps something will happen! (aghahaa my translating)

And at the same time, people overseas have a really strong interest in me so, I'm thinking that it would be nice to go overseas for a month! I need to learn how to speak more English!

But this has all sorts of problems with it (like, I can't leave my dogs with my parents >_<). If I could actually do it, that would be so great~ XD.

I really hate the prefix "non-" XDDD
I can say it very confidently in this journal, but in reality I would just run away as quickly as possible after saying that!!

I want to work on my relationships with others more and more, and before I return(?) I need to "shine"!


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